Dreamin' of Down Under

   by Deb Graham for Build A Dream (2014)

I molded the wire mesh around a shell I had.. removed the shell and then covered the wire with the plaster cloth. For the sting rays I took the wooden circles and dremeled them down into the shape of the ray and added wire for the tail. Then I covered it with plaster cloth. For the tall coral in the middle I took the Styrofoam cylinder and cut it into 3 pieces, then I took the heat gun to them to melt them and then glued them together. The seahorse, octopus, fish and turtle were all formed with the Plastine clay. After I sculpted them, I put on a layer of acrylic paint then covered it with an acrylic polyurethane then another coat of paint. All the shells were casted with the plaster cloth from molds I made myself. The clam half shell in the Van Gogh ear and the pearl inside is the head of the wooden mannequin. Some of the corals are the body parts of the mannequin glued together with some of the packing pills that were heated with the heat gun and then painted. The other limb looking coral are made from the wire covered with the plaster cloth. The base of the coral is made from the bottom of the box which I pulverized and then mixed with glue. I took the top of the box, wet it down and then formed it into a rock shape. I then covered that with pulverized box goop. All painted used were fluorescent and the shots were in black light.

My dream is to snorkel in the great barrier reef... until the day I do, I will just have to dream about it... so what's the next best thing?... build my dream.. so I did, this sculpture is my dream of what the Great Barrier Reef will look like

This is an amazing thing you are doing. I've had a creative block for the last year.. and picking up your little box got my creative juices flowing again!!! Thank you !!! Anytime I've needed help your information service through email was right on tops of things!! You guys rock!!!