Dreaming for his People

   by Hollie DeFrancisco for Build A Dream (2014)

Materials/techniques used etc:

A whole lot of hot glue and luck.

Fish - styrafoam peanuts, cellophane, glow in the dark paint, food dye, super glue, hot glue

Lamppost - styrafoam rod, metal wire, cellophane, styrafoam peanut, glow in the dark paint, acrylic paint, hot glue

Building - cardboard box, cellophane, wire mesh, flooring tile, acrylic paint, hot glue

sidewalk - cardboard box, acrylic paint

Sitar player - clay, food dye, canvas, mannequin form, thread

Sitar - VanGogh's ear, acrylic paint, thread, hot glue

Trash can - wire mesh, metal wire, hot glue (filled with remnants from everything made above)

Fish bones in shop window - White paper provided (simple dye cuts)

The Doctor Who episode where the fish swim through the air. While pondering a world where this may be capable I began to think of how happy cats would be. This led me to imagine a vivid world where industry has taken over and polluted the skies and seas so desperately that all the cat people are suffering. One day a magical man comes to town with his beautiful sitar. Though poor himself, whenever he strums on his magical sitar he is able to feed his people with the fleshy fish they've all only dreamed of.

I am an illustrator by schooling and trade, but when I came across this competition I simply couldn't help myself. The idea of not knowing what I would get to work with was too exciting to pass up. I am by no means a 3D artist, but this box was a fun and inviting challenge. Though difficult and occasionally frustrating it was a great experience that really challenged my creative thought process.