Dreaming in the Dreamtime

   by Cara Morton for Build A Dream (2014)

I started with the Baobab tree after dismantling the mannequin and using parts of it with sections of the Styrofoam Rod. Bits of wire wrapped in plaster cloth and wire mesh formed up the base and branches. I needed a base and filled the box with water to melt it and form it into the red rock areas. I hardened smaller boulder around real rocks. The canvas cloth worked perfectly as sand and loin clothes for the men as well as unraveled strands as hair. The ocean, river, and pond were constructed with layers of the shrink wrap glued randomly, painted with multiple colors of blue, and scrunched up. The ocean being capped off with bits of packing peanuts which also doubled as raised areas of sand. The sea sponge was cut up, painted and glued in various places for rocks in the ocean and seaweed on shore. The hardest part for me was creating the moving ground to give life to the dancers, lots of drilling, cutting, pounding, fitting, and sanding. When I had something workable using the hardboard, canvas board, wood disc, and aluminum rod, I put it all together on a base of the box top. Somewhere in there are the egg parts, holding things up. The paper was painted in various hues of green, created with a leaf punch and rolled, some being cut up for falling leaves. All things being glued together. People were formed from spool wire, peanuts, and modeling clay. I found giving them an application of wood glue helped the paint to adhere - ditto for the creatures. I hand carved the boomerangs and didgeridoos out of the round dowel. My favorite part, is that Van Gogh's Ear became the bubbling spring.

I was told about 'the build' a couple of months ago and when I found out what the theme was- I immediately had an idea, even before I received my supplies! I think dreaming all there is into existence is the biggest build I can image.

My sincerest hope is not to offend any indigenous peoples. There are many who still believe and those that don't, but overall there is great historical and cultural significance in this representation, may I have done it justice. It was a pleasure and an inspiration to have joined in the art of creation.