Dreaming of Chocolate

   by Ellen Foley for Build A Dream (2014)

The lid of the Mystery Build box became the wall exploding outward. It was colored with spray paint and markers.
The dripping chocolate was formed using Van Aken modeling clay and a piece of chocolate that unfortunately became inedible in this process! A rubber mold was made of the resulting sculpture. Plaster cloth wrap was used to fill the rubber mold. The result was fragile, so the dripping chocolate was backed with parts of the flattened Mystery Build box to give it strength and then it was spray painted brown.
One dream catcher wheel was cut out of the base of the box and the other was cut from hardboard. The rest of the moveable dream catcher components came from the deconstructed mannequin. The parts were colored with thinned acrylic paint and markers.
There is a hole punched through the back of the piece and into the wood base of the dream catcher that allows the sculpture to hang from a hook on the wall.
The salted bonbon is made from half of the plastic egg that was spray painted brown and decorated with itty bitty bits from the styrofoam rod. A strip from a page of the rule book was crimped, spray painted gold, and wrapped around the egg to become the paper cup.
The feathers were painted with watercolor on cardstock paper and the feather ribs were cut out from the side of the Mystery Build box. The beads came from the mannequin.
The chocolate mint candies were cut from the styrofoam rod. They were sanded to shape and covered with plaster cloth wrap. After the color was applied with markers and paint they were wrapped in pieces of the shrink wrap that came on the Mystery Build box. Nylon thread tinted with markers was used to attach these candies and the feathers to a button made from mannequin parts to complete "Dreaming of Chocolate".

In trying to figure out how to interpret the theme "Build a Dream" I began with the decision to make a wall sculpture instead of a freestanding one. This led to the idea of having something burst out of the wall to help create the illusion of depth. A dream catcher ties into the theme, and to make it unique I decided to make it moveable to give viewers an opportunity to interact with the piece. The function of a dream catcher is to allow only good dreams through. What better thing to dream about coming out of the wall than a flow of chocolate?