Dreaming of Wild Things, above and below the sea

   by Elizabeth` Rudinica for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the mystery build box for the base and background of my project,using plaster cloth wrap to join together, attatching the 8x10 tempered hardboard with glue to elongate the foreground ocean. I glued on shreds of cardboard box as a base for the ocean which was made out of cornstarch packing peanuts which I tore into pieces and attatched with glue. Followed with three different colors to paint the ocean, finishing with a white pearl paint for the moonlight reflection on the water. The boat, Max, named after the boat in the book, Where the wild things are, by Maurice Sendak a childrens classic. The boat is the novelty form Van Gogh ear. I painted that and outlined with individually cut wire mesh that encircles the boat. The sail is made out of the canvas cloth and painted. The flag was made out of wire mesh as were the black lines attatched to the sail. The schooner point in the front of the boat was made from cornstarch packing peanuts wrapped with wire mesh. The white catlike figure in the boat was made out of the cornstarch packing peanuts, molded and painted. The moon was outlined with the aluminum wire spool and then canvas cloth was glued on top of the wire frame. Pieces from the cornstarch packing peanuts texturize the moon and finished off with white pearl paint to illuminate it. A mermaid swims through the moon. Her body is the 8" wooden mannequin covered in pieces of cornstarch packing peanuts and then wrapped with plaster cloth to smooth over. She is then added a mermaids tail made out of cardboard from box in the shape of a flipper. Her hair is made out of cornstarch packing peanuts that were flattened and cut into hair strands and attatched with glue and painted gold. Her body is painted with an irredescent green paint. The octupus along the top side is made out of the aluminum wire spool which was twisted and shaped into the form. The palm tree to the side of the piece is made out of cardboard, wire mesh and the styrafoam rod and painted similiar to the palm tree in Where the wild things are. The background is blackand decorated with white dots to look like stars in the night, painted with a sheer crystal gloss.

My inspiration for the project was an actual dream that I had of a gold haired green bodied figure peaking through from the ceiling. Also the book, Where the wild things are, about a young boys adventerous wild dream. Hence the moon, palm tree boat with him in it and ocean.
I chose to use the theme build a dream from a book and an actual dream that I had.