Dreams within Balloons

   by Tara Ramsay for Build A Dream (2014)

First things first, I blew up a few balloons and began covering them with the plaster cloth wrap. Four balloons were all I could manage with each balloon staying sturdy. Once dry, I popped and removed the balloon. These large balloons are the main focus of my project and need to be big enough for me to put the interpretations of my quotes in each. I used the clay, spool of wire, and plastic Easter egg as the foundation for my characters. Using my X-Acto knife to carve the Styrofoam rod in Disney World and Disney Land was not an easy feat, but I saved the extra pieces of Styrofoam and used it for sand later in my project. The canvas cloth came in handy for making clothing and combination of wire mesh and packing peanuts soon transformed into what would be John Lennon's face. Once each quote balloon was formed, I used hot glue, super glue, and all-purpose craft glue to put things together. The project box was transformed into the backdrop of my project and the thread became useful in appearance, as well as literally tying pieces together. Using only the materials in the box was an exciting challenge and I tried to conserve as much as I could while building. Only a few scraps are left, as well as my novelty foam Van Gogh ear that I wanted to keep as a souvenir, rather than using it.

After receiving my Mystery Build Kit in the mail, I immediately opened it up and began spilling its guts. I wanted to see everything my imagination would soon be using. The theme: Build a Dream. My mind raced with ideas and famous quotes quickly flooded my brain. After brainstorming too many thoughts, it was time to narrow things down. I chose the poem, A Dream within a Dream, by Edgar Allen Poe as the main focus of my project. Wanting to include several unrelated ideas together, I began thinking about which other famous quotes I would soon place in their own balloons. Walt Disney, John Lennon, and Martin Luther King Jr. were the men who spoke their minds and inspired many, as well as my project.

I will try not to procrastinate as much next year.