Edgar Allan Poe's Oasis

   by Carrie Nelson for Build A Dream (2014)

I turned the box lid and bottom into the basis of Poe's writing office. I used the wooden mannequin to make Edgar Allan Poe. His clothes were made of canvas paper, his hair of painted packing peanuts, and his face of plastalina. To complete his look, I made wire glasses and a plastalina mustache. His desk is made of tempered hardboard and square wooden dowels. The stool is made of dowels and the base of the wooden mannequin. The hat/coat rack is made of a wooden disk, the metal rod from the mannequin, and wire from the spool. The bookcase is made of canvas and wire mesh. The books on the bookcase are painted packing peanuts and the raven is made of plastalina and wire. His top hat, which is on the bookcase, is made of plastalina too. The paper on his desk is canvas paper with pen ink on it and the pencils are painted wire. His umbrella is made of plastic packaging, nylon thread, and wire from the spool. The quote is made of card stock and pen ink. The window is made of paint and the rug is made of painted canvas paper. I painted almost everything with acrylic paints. I used hot glue and Elmer's glue to complete my project.

My theme was Edgar Allan Poe's dream. His dream was to be the first professional writer who made a living off of solely writing. I chose this theme because in English class, we watched a play on Edgar Allan Poe's poems. The poems intrigued me, so I chose my theme to be able to learn more about Poe and create art at the same time.