by Lynn Williams for Build A Dream (2014)

Deconstructed figure-painted black-used the torso only for the bed scene
used the piece of canvas for the blanket-painted with clouds. Cut the hardboard and painted black for bed. White canvas board is the mattress.
Used both box parts for the canopy-made a semicircular cut on 2 sides of the top box-painted interior of both black. Glued together/clamped.
Inked the top/outside box with a zentangle type design-printed the same design on the 8x10 sheet of paper provided-this was glued to the upper part of the rearwall/base box.
I put a hole in the back of the rear wall of the base box-used the wire mesh provided to construct 2 bat like shapes emerging from the back wall
Painted the aluminum wire white, and used this in a coiled shape for the columns in front. Used the white wire for the figure/entoptic shape on the left. The shape was constructed with the wrapping paper provided for the plaster fabric.
Used the styrofoam provided for columns and pillow for figure.
Painted the ear and base black. sliced the ear horizontally and offset slightly. Put on top of boxes.
Made the dragon/snake with the provided plasticine. Used a press mold for texture only. Did not paint.
Used the last of the aluminum wire/unpainted for a high weed/plant area on the right. All this is assembled on black foam board with a black foam board background for final photograph.

Being a dreamer and having entoptic hallucinatory experiences provided inspiration for this project. The white image on the left is from memory. The serpent is common dream imagery, so I included it. Most people dream in black and white, so I chose that for this project.

This project was challenging and required a lot more time than I thought it would. I'm not used to such a restrictive amount and type of material when building a sculpture. Having said this, it was interesting and fun. I did my best.