Escape to Happiness

   by Teri Latterman for Build A Dream (2014)

The base was made from the box the materials came in, plaster cloth wrap, and packing peanuts. The rock was made from the Van Gogh ear covered in plaster cloth wrap. The do-not-enter sign is a wood disc. The fence is wire mesh and aluminum wire. The tree was made from the styrofoam rod, aluminum rod, aluminum wire, nylon thread, and modeling clay. Splendorman was made with the wooden mannequin, modeling clay, and part of the box the materials came in used to support the hat. The backdrop was made from the tempered hardboard. Everything was painted with acrylic paint. The umbrella was made from the metal rod from the mannequin, aluminum wire, and plaster cloth wrap colored with India ink.

I imagine Splendorman being born as a creepypasta but never really fitting in. He likes to make people happy, so I feel that for a while his dream was to find a lively, colorful place that he could feel more at home. I created my project showing him "escaping" from his gloomy birthplace and finding a happier world.

Created by Teri Latterman age 17, submitted by mother