Fantasy and Nightmare Meet

   by Jennifer Schmidt and Xuerui Zhao, Daniela Hurtado for Build A Dream (2014)

Our team first built the mountain on which everything stands. We made the mountain using the plaster, the wire, the plastic wrapping that one of the materials came in, the piece of paper, the cardboard that held the wooden person, the mesh wire, the instruction booklet, the packing peanuts, and a hot glue adhesive. After we built the mountain, we painted it with red, white, blue, and black tempera paint. To create the pink paint, we mixed the red paint into the white paint. We also created a dark blue by mixing the black and the blue paint. In order to create some texture, we put multiple layers of different shades of paint.
The next two things that we built were the two people. We used the wire, the packing peanuts, and the clay to create the people. The base for the people was made using the wire. To create some muscle tone in the people, we covered the wire with the packing peanuts. After that, we added color to the people by coloring the clay and covering the packing peanuts with the clay. We colored the clay by melting it in a crock pot and adding acrylic paint. Once we put the clay on the people, we used sharp edged tools to create the tiny details on the people. Lastly, in order to put the people on the mountain, we used a hot glue adhesive.
On the fantasy side of the mountain, the pink side, we added little candy pieces. To make the candy pieces, we cut the round wooden stick into little pieces. We smoothed out the edges of the candy pieces by rubbing them onto a sanding block. Then, we painted each piece using a variety of warm colors. We used white, red, yellow, and purple tempera and acrylic paint. To create the orange we mixed the red and yellow paint, and we mixed the white and red to create the pink paint. We covered each piece with one color, and then used another color to make stripes to emphasis the candy factor. Also, we covered we piece in a small scrap of plastic that had wrapped a different material when we first got the box of supplies. We wrapped each piece, and then twisted the ends of the plastic to make it look like a candy wrapper. Last, we glued them onto the fantasy side of the mountain using a hot glue adhesive.
The last part of the project is the snake on the nightmare, or blue, side of the project. We created a base for the snake using the wire that we got in the box. Then, we used the clay to cover the snake. We colored the clay by melting it in a crock pot and adding a green colorant. Once the clay cooled we covered the wire with the clay. We shaped the clay with our hands to make it look like a snake. Then, we added red paint directly onto the clay to make eyes and a tongue. Lastly, we used a glue adhesive to add the snake onto the nightmare side of the mountain.

Our inspiration to create our project was our desire to create a unique and creative build. We made our project have both sides of dream to be creative and unique. The fantasy side represents most people's dream to have a perfect life or a perfect day. The nightmare side presents the reality of the world. Some days the world is dark and dangerous. This side also represents the fears of people that come out during sleep.
We choose to go with this idea after a long brainstorming session. We came up with multiple ideas and we thought this one was the best. Our other ideas we were simple and straight forward. This made us think that many other people would have the same idea. So, we went with the idea to have a two sided project. This idea was unique and complicated. It allowed us to be imaginative in how we wanted to represent our idea. This idea allowed us to create unique objects to put into our build.