Floating Family Tree

   by Julia Linton for Build A Dream (2014)

I started with the tree, building the armature from the wire mesh, aluminum wire and some styrofoam then covering it with the plaster wrap. I covered the plaster form with a thin layer of modeling clay. All the faces were molded by hand then painted with acrylic paint. The tree was mounted to an 8"x8" section of painted hardboard, the steps, box and birdhouse were made from the rest of the hardboard. The pole is the aluminum rod. The ladder steps, deck and swing were cut from the square wood dowels, the utensils, fishing rod and flagpole were carved from the round wood dowel. The telescope, pulley and fishing reel were made from parts of the mannequin. The rings on the reel are loops of a spring from the mannequin, the line is nylon thread. The dreamcatcher is a ring of aluminum wire wrapped in strands from the canvas cloth, the feathers are also canvas cloth, as well as the bedding, clothes, and flag. The ropes are braided strands of canvas cloth. The leaves of the tree are packing peanuts wetted and painted with acrylic paint. The fluffs of grass are stained sea sponge. The books are cardboard from the box and card stock paper. All of the animals were molded with the modeling clay and painted. The rock edge is plaster cloth. The water is the top of the box cut to a rectangle with plaster cloth to make the wave texture and painted.

I remember when I was a kid I would often dream about movies I particularly liked. Most often I would dream about Peter Pan and Waterworld, so I wanted to build a whimsical cross between those two worlds.