Florescence Dream Ship

   by Belinda Brohn for Build A Dream (2014)

Brainstorming was the first step. Upon coming up with the idea of creating the Florescence Dream Ship, I began thinking about how all the parts could best be used. Deciding to use the Mystery Build Box for the ship, I measured the box and then created a paper pattern to scale out of scrap paper. I cut slits and folded the bottom parts of the pattern so it could be curved and have tabs for attaching to adjacent parts.

In the meantime I disassembled the 8” Wooden Mannequin. I laid the parts out so I could be thinking about how they could be used.

Using the paper pattern I traced it onto the Mystery Build Box and cut the parts out. Throughout the project I used wood glue to attach most of the parts. The 12” x 1” Styrofoam Rod was perfect for cutting down to use as supports the deck of the ship.

Next was to cut strips of Plaster Cloth Wrap. The outer part of the ship and the interior walls were covered with the plaster cloth. Once it was dried additional supports (styrofoam rod pieces) were glued down. The ship was painted. The deck was glued on and painted.

Wings needed to be created for the Florescence Dream Ship. I deconstructed the 6” x 8” Canvas Board, using the shrink wrap that was on it. From the Aluminum Wire I shaped two identical frames for the wings. A silicone adhesive that adhered to both plastic and metal was used to make the shrink wrap stick to the wire wings. The shrink wrap was trimmed. Eventually the wings were lightly sprayed with a metallic spray paint. Holes were drilled in the sides of the ship so the wings could be inserted. (Van Aken Modeling Clay was also used to help hold the wings in place.)

The bow of the ship was made by curving and hammering the 12” x .25” Aluminum Rod. Holes were drilled on either side of the front tip of the ship so the aluminum wire could slide through and later be twisted around the bow to hold it in place.

The roof for the ship’s cabin was traced onto the canvas from the 6” x 8” Canvas Board. It was also lightly sprayed with the metallic spray paint.

The arbor on the ship was made by the 12” x .375” square dowels. They were cut into four equal pieces. I split the smaller square dowels length-wise with my X-acto blade to use for the top of the arbor (and the a support for the sail.) The arbor pieces were painted and later glued into place.

Another step was to separate the cardboard layers from the Canvas Board. This card board was cut into a lantern and a candle inside the lantern. Left over pieces of the shrink wrap were glued on the lantern to depict glass windows. A spring from the Wooden Mannequin was attached to the lantern so it could hang from the bow.

The 9” x 12” Canvas Cloth was dyed in tea to begin making the sail, cut to size and the top of the sail was glued onto a remaining piece of a smaller (split) square dowel. The sail was soaked in liquid fabric starch to give it a wind blown shape. Threads from the Canvas Cloth were twisted to create two ropes for the bottom parts of the sail and later attached to the sides of the ship with two more screws from the Wooden Mannequin.

The 5/16” Round Dowel was painted, glued onto Wooden Mannequin parts and then glued down on one of the 1.5” Wood Discs. One of the screws from the Wooden Mannequin was drilled into it to help hold the sail to the mast. Also pieces of the cardboard were glued onto the mast for extra support and painted.

The wisteria type flowering vines were made from the layers of cardboard (rolled and glued), ripping up pieces of the Novelty Foam Van Gogh Ear, and the Nylon Thread. Everything was painted, including using green marker to color the thread. The branches were glued onto the arbor. The painted foam pieces were strung together and tied on the arbor.

Next the 8.5” x 11” Card Stock was painted on both sides with blocks of color. These were cut and made into the flowers on the ship’s deck. The flower pots are from various Wooden Mannequin pieces. The Natural Sea Sponge was torn about, colored with green markers and glued down to create leaves/vines on the deck.

For a crow’s nest part of the blue Plastic Egg was cut, a hole drilled big enough to fit over the mast and some of the 1 lb. Van Aken Modeling Clay was placed over it. (The modeling clay was tinted to the gray tone by kneading acrylic paint into it.)

Cutting the 8” x 10” Wire Mesh down, it was shaped to resemble a butterfly net. Little pieces of the painted paper were rolled, dusted with metallic spray paint and placed in the net to symbolize “dreams” that are being caught. The net was suspended on a piece of the Aluminum Wire. The base of the Wooden Mannequin was painted and glued on the bow as a support for inserting the net.

Lastly the Corn Starch Biodegradable Packing Peanuts and the 8” x 10” Tempered Hardboard were spray painted with different colors. The completed ship was glued on to the hardboard. Wire mesh was placed below the ship to provide a structure for the painted packing peanuts. The packing peanuts were arranged and glued all around the base of the ship.

Desiring to think outside the box I started imagining how dreams/ambitions could be symbolized. It so happens that I absolutely love nature and beautiful gardens so decided to use flowers to represent dreams/ambitions. There is beauty in building dreams but life also knocks things around a bit so we must persevere in order to overcome. Even though the ship is out of my imagination, I wanted there to be some sense of reality as can be noticed in the tattered sale and the less than perfect looking ship. There you have it, the inspiration for the Florescence Dream Ship.

The Story of the Florescence Dream Ship

Sailing through the blustery weather of life, the Florescence Dream Ship catches aspirations, goals, hopes - dreams. The vessel becomes a little battered as it shelters dreams from being abandoned or damaged. Dreams can be fragile at first so they are caught in something that resembles a butterfly net. While dreams are being protected on the ship they have the chance to grow and blossom like color-drenched flowers. Perseverance continues to steer the Florescence Dream Ship so that one day your ship will come in. Your aspirations are made into beautiful bouquets to be shared with others. Then the ship leaves the port to embark on capturing your new dreams.