Flutter-bye Freedom

   by Mathew Kohnen for Build A Dream (2014)

In step 1 I used acrylics to paint the sky on the canvas board and the floor on the hardboard. A support for the canvas was built with the square basswood dowels and glue.
In step 2 wings were fashioned using the aluminum wire and covered with canvas cloth. The wings are painted with acrylics. Packing peanuts are painted black with acrylic paint for the bodies. Wings are attached through slits in the peanuts and glued
In step 3 the mannequin is covered in plaster cloth wrap for a appearance of bulk and wrinkles. Clothes are painted with acrylics. The tie is cut from the canvas cloth, painted red and glued. The modeling clay was melted and colored with oil paint. The colored clay was used for the hair and a smooth featureless face as well as the computer.
The mannequin is attached to the board with acrylic The butterflies are attached with acrylic paint and glue

I am one of the numbers of faceless office drones who glance out the window at the sky. Clouds fascinate me. I marvel at the change in colors from sunrise to sunset. Their shapes vary moving from whimsical to dramatic.
One looks out that window and dreams of gentle wings carry him into the vast sky, floating among the clouds and free.