Fly Queen

   by Marissa Johnen for Build A Dream (2014)

With the plaster wrap I made the ship and it's funnels. With the strength of the cardboard of Mystery Build box I built a hollow black base for the ship, I put the entire block of plastilina inside the base to add weight and also a to stick the dowels into. I glued the funnels on one end of the mini canvas and glued the dowels closer to the opposite end of the canvas to create the height, I slipped the ship over this structure and held it in place with the wire. I covered the wire protrusions with lifeboats. The kinetic waves I made with any light paper including the instruction manual. I took apart the wooden figure and used the hollow wooden cylinders from that, I ran wire through them glued the waves to the outside of cylinders to create the rotatable centers of the waves. I hand painted everything with acrylic. It stands 2' 6" tall

The inspiration for Fly Queen was combining my love of traveling and adventure with my discomfort of flying. I imagine that if I could feel open air and cool breeze, eliminating the claustrophobic and restricted mobility of the tube of an airplane, as if I were on the deck of a ship, then I may never come back to land.