Forest Home

   by Breanne Havener for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the box itself to construct the base of the tree, floor, and bark. I used the packing peanuts and the plaster-wrap to build up the earth surrounding the tree. I then soaked the remaining cardboard in a Mod-Podge solution, and formed it into the roots. Next, I used more cardboard and the Styrofoam rod to build the steps. The fireplace was constructed from the wire mesh and the modeling clay, while using the sea sponge as the fire itself. The branch-banister was made from wire and modeling clay, as was the mushroom-table, mushroom doorknob, the stones by the front door, and the pet ladybug. The wooden disk was used to create the mushroom portrait above the stairs. The rug in the middle of the room was made from the canvas provided. Finally, the stone armchair was made from cardboard, wire, and the canvas.

The inspiration was drawn from a dream that I once had as a child. I dreamed that I was running through the forest, and came upon an odd looking mushroom. I grabbed a hold of it, and it turned like a doorknob. As I opened the bark-like door, I stepped inside to reveal that the inside of the tree hid a dwelling for some cozy little creature. From that dream, I decided to create a cute little fairy-like home.