Ganesha In My Dreams

   by Andrea Letter and Andre for Build A Dream (2014)

I created a puppet-like figure from the mannequin using wire mesh and plaster cloth. The stomach and head were molded around the plastic egg and the trunk around my thumb. I painted the figure using acrylic paints. The canvas cloth was used to make Ganesha's pants by sewing the cloth together with nylon thread. The crown was made with wire mesh and paint. Aluminum wire was used to form the two back arms and decorations. Attached to the wire arms are packing peanuts and plaster cloth. The cardboard box was used in the background with a painted Banyan tree on the hardboard below. Nylon thread is attached to both moveable hands on the Ganesha figure and there is a stand/holder made from the wooden dowels above the scene.

A desire to seek change and thoughts of returning to India. Images, symbols that appear in my dreams. Simple and inspiring.

A transforming experience for me and those who I hope to encourage, inspire, and teach.