Genesis of Imagination

   by Jud Metzger for Build A Dream (2014)

When I picked up the wood artist's mannequin, I immediately saw fingers and thus began this exciting journey!

There is something of every supply in this final work. The hand, alone, is made up of the mannequin, Van Gogh ear, Easter egg, foam rod, sponge, wire, spool, thread, wood dowel, plastic wrap and clay. The face includes wire mesh hand-molded from a skull, plaster, thread, corn starch peanuts, wire, card stock, and is held up by the wire rod. The base is hard board, canvas and square dowels. The man and stairs are wood and wire. The paint bucket and brush are clay, foam rod, wood dowel, canvas and wire. And the wings are the cardboard box split into 1/4th layers and molded. The entire project has been sprayed white for the purity of early creation. Wood and craft glue hold everything together.

This project was inspired by a poem I wrote that describes how art creations seem to haunt me in my dreams - yet when I awake, I can barely remember them. It's as if I am a viewer watching the beginnings of imagination.

On a side note: As a 2-d artist, I truly appreciated the opportunity to flex my 3-d muscles with this very satisfying challenge. I learned so much and found my creative energy abounded.

Here is the poem:


Flightless hours of unsettling splendor;
Reality's weight confines me to foundations,
As I align God's gentle current
To watch the genesis of imagination.

Am I am mere immeasurable being
Whose vigilance remains on these things?
That takes to flight during nocturnal seasons
On the backs of majestic angel's wings.

- Metzger