Gia The Globetrotter

   by Claudia Pineda and Luistresd and Josyarte for Build A Dream (2014)

Creation Process:

We started designing the idea on paper, then we made a 3D computer model and simulation of the mechanism of the wings. After having all measures of the prototype begins to locate the parts of the mechanism of the wings on the Tempered Hardboard, cut them and assemble them, when the mechanism and the outside of the ship is ready we proceeds to sculpt around the outside of the boat with the plaster Cloth Wrap the wire mesh and the paper of the brochure. Simultaneously be cutting wooden mannequin's box and the packaging of the contest for the top floors. The mechanism is a mixture of cardboard, wire and wood; the wings are made from the canvas both, wire and package's cardboard; The roof is made of canvas, wood and wire. Many details and pieces were created from parts of the wooden mannequin and the remnants of leftover materials. The scenario was made with leftover cardboard box, Corn Starch Biodegradable Packing Peanuts, paper and canvas.

Tools Used:

jeweler's saw, hammer, drill, dremel drill, clamps of various sizes, scissors, exacto knife, scalpel, presses, clamps, brushes, sandpaper, needle, screwdriver.

Materials used:

Tempered Hardboard, Canvas both, Wire mesh, Aluminum Wire Spool, Nylon Thread Spool, Plastic egg, Card stock paper, Van Aken modeling clay, Canvas board, plaster Cloth Wrap, Styrofoam road, wooden mannequin, wooden mannequin's box, Square Basswood Dowels, Round wood dowel, Wood discs, Foam Van Gogh Ear, Corn Starch Biodegradable Packing Peanuts, cardboard Packaging, flyer, contest brochure, acrylic paint, watercolors, gouache, wood glue, liquid silicone glue, rubber paint.

We are based on our dream and ideal of seeing the world as our home, space without borders or limits to which we can go through with our effort and perseverance. We let ourselves go by the concept of dreams, where anything is possible and if we can imagine it, then the way to build it is taking steps forward. We are fans of surrealist films such as Studio Ghibli's, videogames franchises like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.