Give Peace A Chance

   by Vanessa Urena for Build A Dream (2014)

The rainbow half of the base of my project was constructed using the round base (removed from the mannequin), the aluminum rod, some wire mesh, and a ton of the plaster cloth wrap. The tank portion of the base was created using the box in which the mannequin came, the natural sea sponge, some of the plaster cloth, and a portion of the styrofoam rod for the barrel. The large dove in the center was also made from wire mesh and plaster cloth. The individual flowers, smaller birds, swirls and flourishes are made from the modeling clay. All these pieces were then impaled by a segment of the aluminum wire then colored using spray paint. The aluminum wire from each of those pieces was then wrapped around the arched base near the bottom of the white dove. The clouds at the base of the rainbow and the smoke around the dove were made from the plastic shrink wrap painted white and gray with spray paint. Lastly, the banner was made from the canvas cloth (sewn using the nylon thread spool), decorated using markers, and held up on either end using the aluminum wire.

The inspiration for this particular project came from John Lennon and his dream of peace. The tank signifies the violence and hatred that is so often created by a fear or distrust of cultures and peoples that are different, those that we do not understand. In this dream, the explosion created by misunderstanding has been replaced with an outpouring of beauty and peace (acceptance): shrapnel comes in the form of flowers which burst in radiant color, doves of peace fly joyfully into the sky while extending an olive branch to any and all in its path, smoke is transformed into tendrils of vivid color, all ending with a brilliant rainbow to counter the ugliness of the war machine that opposes it. The banner displays the dream: All we are saying is give peace a chance.