Head in the clouds

   by Jeremiah Adams and Christal Spitzner for Build A Dream (2014)

materials used- tampered hardboard, canvas cloth, wire mesh, aluminum wire, sea sponge, nylon thread, mannequin, modeling clay, canvas board, plaster wrap, styrofoam rod, square dowel, round dowel, packing peanuts, box cardboard, heat shrink plastic

First we started by fabricating the walls of the treehouse out of hardboard and then carved texture of planking onto the boards. The roof was laid first with wire mesh with a few layers of plaster wrap. The windmill used strips of cardboard from the mysterybuild box and a carved bit of round dowel. the chiminy used the remaining part of the round dowel and capped with a cone made from cardboard. all of this was then positioned onto the styrofoam rod which was attached to the canvas board as a base. the arms and legs of the wooden mannequin were utilized as the branched out parts. clay was applied to cover the canvas board, beaten with a dog's de-matting brush to add texture and then clay was rolled into coils and draped on the styrofoam to give the tree trunk an organic feel. the smaller buildings were constructed from cardboard, along with the gramophone. the sailboat was fabricated with plater wrap, wire and canvas. the foliage of the tree and greenery in the flowerbox is torn up bits of the natural sea sponge. the hot air balloon mobile uses cardboard, string, and wire which floats along with crumpled strips of cellophane for clouds. all finished with a lovely layer of paint.

a dreamer is the architect of a dream. the large treehouse is the dreamer providing a self sufficient "life" to the village below but always able to change out the puzzle pieces (sometimes unwittingly).