I Have A Dream

   by Julia LeVan for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the sponge to paint the grass in the "dream" and I used wire to sculpt Lincoln's facial features. The ear was also used to become Lincoln's seat and the packing peanuts were used as the base for my little people. The wire was also used to be a base support for the cloud canvas. it was tied and knotted to stay put. I glued and clayed my structures down for support.

I chose to base this project on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech,''I Have A Dream" this was an amazing event in history and deserved to be replicated. I have always admired his courage and his amazing God given way with words.

MLK's ''dream'' included his children playing with other white children thus, I made the roof of the memorial represent his dream some time off in imagination or reality.