I Want A Dream

   by Logan Hayford for Build A Dream (2014)

After opening the mystery build box, I started mapping ideas and arranging, and rearranging pieces. When I found a good lay out, I started to sculpt objects from clay and painted them. Once I found the colors that interested me I painted the scene with what I thought to be coordinating colors.

In my project, I used basic sculpting and painting techniques. I also used forced perspective.

I used the mystery build box for the workshop in which my characters sit, the 8” x 10” tempered hardboard and wire mesh for the door, the 12” x 0.25” aluminum rod and 32’ aluminum wire for exposed piping in the workshop, the natural sea sponge for “dream fluff,” the 12 yard spool of nylon thread for rope in the clay tool box, 1lb. Van Aken Modeling clay for my two characters, a hammer, a philips screw driver, the tool box, and a desk file holder; the 8” wooden mannequin and the 6” x 8” canvas board for “Mannequin Company,” the 12” x 0.375” square basswood dowel for the table legs, and the two 1.5” wooden discs for the round posters.

I live in Cape Coral, Florida, and my dad goes to art galleries in downtown Fort Myers, Florida, to sell his art. In some of the smaller galleries, exposed pipes can be found. While on the road to the northern part of the United States to visit my grandmother, I observed other states’ architecture. The architecture inspired the look of the Mannequin Company building, and inside the “Dream Shop.” I find art relaxing and my dad always encourages me to be more creative.

My main character, David, has lived his whole life dreaming in nightmares. He wants to change, and while he drives to work one day he eyes a new shop called the “Dream Shop”, were a poor man named William, waits for customers. David decides to check it out and ends up “buying a dream.” The poor man puts on a blue suit, that means a lot to him, and opens Davids head at a desk in front of a window. He uses his tools to shape “dream fluff” into a happy, long-lasting dream. William closes Davids head and walks him to the door. David thanks him and every day after, David has happy dreams.