I Will Reach Great Hight

   by Leiloni Johnson for Build A Dream (2014)

First I started with drilling a hole in to the tempered hard board to fit the size of the aluminum rod. i then spun the wire around the rod to create the tree. Then i painted the mannequin box white and cut out wholes for the bottom and for the spire of the temple. I continued by making the spire out of the Styrofoam rod and shaving it down to get the tapered effect. I created the angel Moroni on top out of the Van Aken Modeling Clay. I next moved to dressing the mannequin using the canvas cloth. i created the shako with the plaster cloth wrap and wire and string for the plume. i created the baton out of the round wooden dowel and string. I then painted the background of the band. I then moved to the horse which i made out of a wire body with the clay on top of it. I then painted it and added the string for the tail. I then raised all the elements up by drilling them in to the Hard board as well. I then used the technique shown in the helpful tips out of the Styrofoam packing peanuts and wire mesh to make the model eye that is suspended using wire that is attached to the tree.

The inspirations of this project is my own personal dreams and goals. I want to get married in my churches temple which is the first and central element in my project. Another one of my goals is to become the Drum Major at my school which I am currently achieving and enjoying every second I have of performing with the rest of my band and leading them down the street. My final goal is to become a veterinarian for horses. I love horses and own my own and would like to make a career out of it. I built the tree growing from the eye to show my determination and drive to reach the goals that lie ahead of me.

I am a very determined person and I really enjoyed creating this years theme because I have always been one to chase my dreams and will not let anything stand in my way of reaching them.