I had a bad dream

   by Jean Crenshaw for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the box as a shadow box. I used the Corn Starch packing peanuts to make a frame using brush cleaner as a liquid to wet them and mold them..water just turned it to mush this was the magic potion. I used the brush cleaner to make holes in the peanuts and shape them and to make them stick to the box I then used water and it made them glue to the box. I spray painted the peanuts to let them harder a little. I used a lot of the Van Aken modleing clay for the faces and the candles on the shelf (shelf is made of a square dowel) to give the candles a melting effect I used a lighter while putting a chunk of clay onto the aluminum rod hit it with some fire and it dripped to make a sweet melty effect.
More of the box was used to make the ledge and the sponge was trimmed to turn into grass for the grave.

I took apart the mannequin and used a few screws as eyes, and mannequin joints as eyes also.
The wire was used to make swirly eyes as well as support to hold the vulture onto the tombstone.
The styro foam rod was used as a base to the tree then it is covered with the clay to give it texture.

To finish it off and give the box some strength I used the plaster wrap to wrap around the outside of the box.

I only used glue to stick on one piece of my styrofoam "frame" that I knocked off.

I used a little spray paint to coat the clay and then just added paint for a little color and then pastels for the sun background

I wanted to do something a little darker. I took it literal as a dream you might have and they are not always rainbows and happiness. This is a dream of someone dying and the unknown of what lies beneath

I am an artist but I do not sculpt or build and it is extremely fun to see what you are capable of doing when it's not your norm and what you can do when you are given a broad theme you may never have tackled with out being given the subject