Iggy's Dream: One Rep at a Time

   by Jerry Du for Build A Dream (2014)

For the spine and skeleton of the dragon, I used the aluminum rod and deconstructed human form for the arms, legs, chest and torso. The foam peanuts were glued on to "flesh" out the dragon. The dragon head and lower jaw were constructed from the foam Van Gogh ear (thanks Vincent!) and soft clay to round out shape and add details. Plaster mesh was used to solidify the dragon's body and wire armature was used for the tail and hands/feet (dragon mummy). Carved wood pieces were used to create the horns. With A LOT of holes cut from the art paper, each "scale" was laboriously glued on. Face plates and belly scales were cut from the canvas piece after I deconstructed it to make it more thin and malleable. An "antiquing stain" was applied after a base coat of acrylic paint to give definition to each individual scale (hey, I'm really proud of my scales!!). Painted paper was cut from the white box bottom to create face details, claws, and fire. An unraveled cloth canvas provided string for the tail and joint "fur." Iggy was constructed of wire armature and soft clay. Ocean waves were painted onto the white box bottom. Dragon was suspended on the wire and wood base from the mannequin form.

I drew inspiration from my sister who has completed a two-year personal mission to get into top physical condition despite the odds. She is now a competitive fitness model and in better health than any one I know. "Iggy" represents all who dare to dream and who are determined to build their future on faith and hope. Like the saying: "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," our friend Iggy would say that "our dream of greatness begins with a single rep."

It has been such an amazing journey to be a part of this Mystery Box challenge! It has afforded many opportunities for me to show my children (2,3 & 10) the different art techniques and instill in them a love for the arts.