It All Starts with a Dream

   by Kaleigh Richards for Build A Dream (2014)

I tried sculpting for the first time, I used the clay given in the kit to make the girl figure and parts of the dress and adult in the background. I used a random sculpting tool I found in my box of random art stuff to help with the smaller details. I used the wire to create the frame for the dress then wrapped it in layers of the plaster cloth wrap and the packing peanuts to create the full skirt of the dress then painted it to fill in some of the hoes and added some shadow to define it for the pictures. I used the canvas board to paint on the adult figure I wanted to keep it undefined so the her appearance when she grew up was not the focused and her dream to be a fashion/gown designer was the important part. I used the peanuts and the wire to create her thought bubble trailing off to her daydream. I used the box itself to create the room.

I have been trying for years to figure out my dream and what makes me happy and It is to paint and create art. I wanted to show how wonderful a dream can be and how much energy wonder can produce.

I know my technique was not very polished and the painting could use work, so constructive criticism and book suggestions to use to teach myself are very welcome!