Johnny and the Trout

   by Mandy Wilson for Build A Dream (2014)

Johnny and the Trout was built using nothing but the Materials contained in the Mystery Build box, the box itself, paint and glue. I used newspaper and tape to create supports and to aid in drying, but all were removed from the final product. The tools I used were pretty basic, a hacksaw, wood clamps and sewing needles being the most exotic. Techniques I used were a combination of methods that I have developed over the years as an artist and teacher. I have always enjoyed the art of mixed media and found this experience to be both challenging and highly rewarding.

Before this challenge I had never undertaken a creative project where I was limited on supplies or had specific rules that I needed to abide within. I found it quite challenging, and so after weeks of studying the given supplies, my mind kept coming back to the plaster cloth. I decided to use my previous paper mache experience and build a fish as big as I could with the amount (of plaster cloth) I was given. I knew that I wanted a man in the interior of the fish, but the details were still unknown at that point. As I began to build the interior of the fish and the base I decided to utilize as many of the materials as possible. After I found a use for the plastic egg, I felt I had gotten some creative momentum and I proceeded confidently from there. At completion, I had very few of the provided materials left (except scraps and the foam ear, which as hard as I tried I just couldn't find a use for). My goal was to create an environment for this gentleman that show a moment in his dreamlike like existence. He has everything he needs with him, including his tea cup complete with teabag, cookstove and frying pan with a fried egg inside.