Jungle Joviality

   by Kristy Pace and Kristy Pace, Mary Beth Trautwein, Marni Gittleman for Build A Dream (2014)

We used the bottom half of the wooden figure's stand and the styrofoam tube to create an anchor for a wire and plaster tree trunk. We attached the trunk to the small board with glue and plaster. We used plaster to create the texture of the floor, roots and trunk. We created the leaves from plasticine and molded with pottery tools. We used painted wire to create vines and the cardboard from the figure model's box to create flowers. We used the figure and plasticine to create the person and canvas to create the ropes around her. We used the wire mesh to create depth and movement to the jungle floor. We used paint, glue, pottery tools, plyers, exacto knives and pinking shears as tools.

Sliding and soaring along the canopy of a beautiful jungle, untouched by technology or humanity. Surrounded by undiscovered flora and bouncing along, as if in a childhood dream, jumping into freshly raked leaves or on a life size game of Chutes and Ladders. We three environmentalists are in a dreamscape like no other.