Land of Dreams

   by Andrea SZMNCME Letter and Sofia, Zoe, Marley, Nina, Clara, Mossimo, Evan for Build A Dream (2014)

Much of the included materials were used. The scene on the hardboard has a tower formed out of plaster cloth wrap with a plastic cup used to make the shape. The tower was then dried and slipped off the plastic cup. Acrylic paint was used on that piece and most of the objects with color. Packing peanuts were used with wire to form the small figures on the hardboard, Pee Wee figure, and small figure on the flat globe. Plaster cloth and wire mesh were used to ale the small earth spheres on the thread. Cloth canvas, wire, glue, and markers were used to make a life sized face mask. Pieces of the box were used. There is a microphone made from the styrofoam rod, black paint, and hot glue. There is a chess pawn made from wire mesh, plaster cloth, and paint. The open cube was made from scored and broken square wooden dowels.

There were several ideas to include hopes, possibilities, and dreams included.
Team member created "Land of Dream" parts with the following ideas in mind:
Global warming, a better earth, making people laugh, travel, chess champion, being an artist, and helping the earth and people.

This project was given as a science and art project to this group of fourth grade students.