Land of OOO

   by Kaeley Fowler for Build A Dream (2014)

• The map of the land of ooo was made with the piece of cloth that was supplied in the kit. It was drawn on with a pencil, fine point Sharpe, water color paints, and stained with coffee.
• The background of the land of ooo that Prismo is on was made with the box the kit came in, acrylic paint, spray paint, and a sharpie.
• The Cosmic owl skeleton was made with wooden rods, and pieces of the art manikin. The outer shell and first layer of wings was made with plaster dipped in hot water. The feathers were made with the one sheet of paper that was in the kit and rule book. The feathers on the face was made with a hole puncher, paper out of the rule book. To hold all the feathers on the owl was Elmer’s glue. The third layer of feathers was made of the manikins box. The beak was made of clay. The cosmic owl was painted with spray paint and the cosmic details were painted on with acrylic paint. The stan the owl is on was the hard board.
• Lumpy Space princess is made of yellow sponge, acrylic paint, clay, and mini cell phone is made of canvas cover. She was cut and molded with scissors.
• Bmo is made of a piece of the manikin leg, clay, wire mesh twisted and paint.
• Gunter is made of the manikin head, clay, and feet are canvas cover.
• Fin the human is made of the manikin thy with twisted wire mesh, clay and acrylic paint, sharpie, canvas cover, faces of left over paper from single sheet of white paper.
• The ice king is made of the left over plaster, hot glue gun to hold his arms and crown, canvas cover for the sleeves and crown, hand are twisted wire mesh, and clay.
• Jake the dog is made of the stomach and chest piece of the manikin, twisted mesh wire, clay and acrylic paint.
• Marceline is the acrylic paint, a manikin arm, clay, twisted mesh wire to make arms, legs, and head, then canvas cover to make guitar.
• Princess Bubble Gum is the arm and leg piece of the manikin, acrylic paint, clay and twisted wire mesh. Her crown is wire and clay.

The idea to make this year’s mystery build based on the theme “Build a Dream” first came up with the idea of making the Cosmic Owl. The Cosmic owl is a higher being in the show "Adventure Time" that shows up in your dreams, giving you premonitions or warnings of the future. Then soon after crafting the Cosmic Owl followed the Character of OOO.