Life Without Limits

   by N Welo for Build A Dream (2014)

I glued & painted the cardboard box itself, and built it up using a bit of the plaster cloth wrap and all of the cornstarch peanuts, wet & dry. Painted modeling clay was used for the letters on top. And the candle was made of the foam rod, while tinting a bit of the wire as a wick. Voila, a birthday cake that represents an extremely long and vibrant life.

Life without limits seemed like a wonderful dream, except for picking a way to illustrate it with just one 3D art piece. Endless life could be a part of that dream, so I decided to represent an unlimited life by a happy 257th birthday cake. Hopefully boundless birthdays would be a fun part of a long life, lusciously lived.

This project was such a great challenge that I wish I'd heard about it earlier! Available time is definitely a factor when you're involved in an art piece like this. Hopefully next year I'll be able to get started well before your deadline. But thanks for letting your boxes be available right up until the end - it gives everyone a chance to participate.