Life...dream it well.

   by Allison Wolff for Build A Dream (2014)

The project began with a painting and it grew from there like the branch which is at the foundation of it's design. The base itself is created from the box, the water features were created from the shrink wrap on the box which had a lovely blue tint to it. The individuals were created from the modeling clay and the branch, trees and shrubs were created from a combination of the natural sponge, mesh, packing peanuts and paint. The hummingbird and branch were created from the wire mesh and plaster. Van Gogh's novelty ear provides a lovely setting for an afternoon wedding.

My project was created to be a forced perspective piece into life as if it were an open book. All from the perspective of a mom-to-be hummingbird hovering amongst the cherry blossoms. Life plays out below in all of it's stages and the message delivered subtly through body language and details relays the message that life becomes what you dream it to be. That at every stage you have the power to make the very best of what life gives you so you should dream it well.