Light And Dark Dream

   by Evan Prekker for Build A Dream (2014)

I sculpted my dreamer 97% Clay, using a cardboard template in the center (as seen in the video) I then used the paper mache for clothing, and strands of the faberic canvas for hair. I set her on top of the MysteryBuild lid (cut and turned inside out) and painted the box. I took the manikin base and stuck it in the foam cylinder for the light pole, I painted it, and stuck the rubber band around the bottom of the base. I used the wooden circle plate for bottom base of the lantern, and used the wire mesh to make the thick wires. and then cute out cardboard to make the pointed tip. I used the 4 long wood pieces and glued them to the top edges of the box.

Well, I tried thinking of ideas most of the whole year, but nothing came, so Oct 19 at around 12:30 AM I felt like working on my MysteryBuild. and so I started some work (later discarded as a different idea) which followed by most of the proccess being finish on the 20th. My inspiration eventually came from lightness and darkness, and how they contrast. Making a dreamy sculpture with vibrant colors.

Have a nice day. :)