Listen To Your Dreams

   by Erika Bruss for Build A Dream (2014)

Book-mystery build box, wrapped with plaster wrap, painted, then clay pressed in mold and ear painted and glued to cover
Background- manikin box drawn with oil pastels and extra box pieces drawn with oil pastels then attached with wooden pieces and glue to book.
Dragon- wire and wire mesh, packing peanuts and paint
Horse-wire, clay and paint and large metal wire for stability to attach to book
Girl- wire, clay, canvas clothes, thread to sew clothes, and paint
Tree- information pamphlet, painted and cut out

I have always had crazy dreams. And I have thought that if I wrote them down they would make great stories. Pop up books have enchanted me since I was a little girl. They seem to make the story come to life. So I thought I would put them together to create my artwork.

I have created an artwork with things that I love (horses, dragons, and imaginary places). I have dreamed of becoming a book illustrator, so this art piece shows my dreams twofold.