Listen to Nature

   by Cheryl Ann Slaymaker for Build A Dream (2014)

The hardboard used for the base. styrofoam rod was glued to the board then both covered with plaster cloth. The mannequin was left intact, her legs were twisted then her bottom half was covered in plaster cloth. I sprayed painted the wire mesh, base of the project and sea sponge. I used side cutters to cut sections of the aluminum wire, this was pushed into the styrofoam rod and wrapped in plaster cloth to create limbs, the wire mesh, cut into leaf like shapes with scissors and glued to the limbs in a sparse fashion. The modeling clay was used to make the mushrooms, creature in the tree, roots and O possum,(he has a pc of wire in tail) I used generally sculpting tools and a tooth pick. They were painted with alcohol inks. The two wood disc were covered in plaster wrap and painted with alcohol inks to become a moon and sun. A humming bird was drawn on the canvas cloth with a sharpie, I used glue on the back to keep it from fraying and then cut it out. A pc of the square basswood dowel was glued to the back of the humming bird to present more depth This was glued to the canvas board which had been painted using alcohol inks to represent an "out of sorts" garden. The square basswood dowels were glued and then wired to form an easel which was painted back.
The upper portion of the mannequin was painted green and muted down with a mushroom color ink. The moon was highlighted in silver ink and glued to her hand. The sun was hung by the aluminum wire, painted blacked and mounted in the top of the tree. O possum was place on a branch, sea sponge was placed on forest floor. Ear was cradled in mannequins arm close to one might listen to a sea shell..
Listen to Nature

Inspiration...all around me. I love nature, from the tiny spiders to the great whales.
Build a Dream was hard for me. I had visions of what I dream about, dream for and dream for others. But it was challenging to find a dream that I could make.
Many of my friends have never looked up to see a rainbow or down to see moss on a rock. Our lives have become so hurried we don't take time for these things. This dream is that we all take just a bit of time to listen to our surroundings...listen to what the animals tell us ( I think of the elephants that moved to higher ground knowing a tsunami was on the way) Listen to what the trees the old days farmers would look at the leaves and know what the weather was going to be. Maybe if we take time to listen to nature we will be more aware of listening to other :)