Little Mikey's Dream

   by Michael Hildebrand for Build A Dream (2014)

Horse - aluminum wire skeleton, wiremesh and plaster cast for body, cornstarch and clay for muscles, mane and Tail. A coat of varnish for durability and gold paint. Bridle from aluminum wire.
Rustlers - aluminum wire skeleton, wooden buttons for base, cornstarch and clay for muscles and bandanna. Suitable paint.
Dog/cow- Blue egg body, balsa wood legs and clay head, tail ears and horns.
Bed - hardwood board, balsa legs, canvas for cover and the van Gough ear for a pillow.
Little Mikey - The posable mannikin as a base, with the hip balls removed to make him fit the saddle better. A face was constructed with clay, given a little durability with testor's plastic cement and painted. The hat was a wiremesh circle and clay. The clothing is clay dyed with oil-based paint. The gun is a wiremesh square folded into shape.
Fence is balsa wood sticks.

A childhood wasted watching Hoppalong, Roy, Gene and their friends and a recent retirement in Texas.