Living the Dream

   by Latara Dragoo for Build A Dream (2014)

To start with, I made use of balloons to make molds over which I used the plaster cloth to create a base for the hills, which were then painted using acrylic paint and to look as though they are floating on a add to the effect, I used hot glue to paste a ring of the packing peanuts around the cloud. The trees on the island are made using two different methods: the evergreen trees are made by sung the aluminum wire as a base and using hot glue to attach some of the sponge material to, which were then painted using acrylic paints. The palm trees were made using the round dowel for the trunks, and the packaging the plaster cloth came in cut into strips and cut further to simulate palm fronds, these were painted with green acrylic paint and glued with hot glue. the gazebo was made suing lengths of aluminum wire, all shaped to create it and is held in place by dabs of hot glue. Within the gazebo there is a cutout of some of the art on the box, with the words "Dearly beloved we are...: also cut out of the box. To make the couple getting married, A frame was made out of aluminum wire which was bulked up using the clay, then painted with acrylic paint. The bride's veil is made from the mesh included with the package.They are secured by wire anchors, also from the aluminum wire, which is glued down using hot glue. To make the log cabin I used the bottom half of the box, and used the cellophane from the outside of the box became the glass for the windows. For the interior I also used the same cardboard to make give all the rooms a fully furnished feel included are furniture, fireplaces and other cardboard refinements to make the cabin appear as though you could just move right in; all painted with acrylic paint, as the cabin is. In places I used strips of paper from the kit to seal the seams of the cabin, using rubber cement to hold them in place. For the chimney I used a square dowel that I painted with acrylic to appear as though it is made from red bricks, and attached it to the cabin with hot glue.

The law of attraction states that you create whatever you dream about. As such, build a dream in my mind means build your Ideal reality, from my dreams