Magical Treehouse Museum

   by Harriet Hurlburt and Camilla Wessels, Linda Hamilton, Christina Wessels, Andrew Wessels, George Hurlburt for Build A Dream (2014)

To make our Magical Museum tree house we used the tempered hardboard, canvas cloth, wire mesh, aluminum wire, natural sea sponge, nylon thread , card stock paper, modeling clay, canvas board, plaster cloth wrap, styrofoaam, rod, wooden mannequin, square basswood dowel, wood discs, novelty foam ear, the packing peanuts, card stock paper and the Mystery Build box. With the creative use of glue, scissors, exacto knife, ruler, sewing needle, paint, rubber stamps, pencil, pliers/wire cutter and water we cut, formed, sculpted, drew, shaped and painted to create our dream museum. The tree was made using the styrofoam rod as the trunk; dowel rods, and wire covered in plaster cloth made the branches and roots and pacing peanuts made the bark. The Mystery Build Box was used for the base of the tree and for the tree house. The canvas cloth was painted and used as leaves for the tree and for the rungs of the ladder. Leaves were sewn to the wire mesh to top the tree house. The art for the museum was created using the clay, card stock paper, and the box from the mannequin. The mannequin was painted and along with the foam ear greets visitors to dream world of the Magical Museum.

Our Magical Tree House Museum was a joint effort by our team. Our 8-year-old granddaughter designed the museum and the team executed the design. When opening the Mystery Build box and discussing the theme our granddaughter said, " I know what we can do, we can build a tree house museum. I'm an expert on museums."
She was inspired by a summer program at the New Britain Museum of American Art where she learned about museums and created a mini museum.

This was our first Mystery Build. We enjoyed the challenge of creating our museum with the materials provided.