Meehoo's Dream

   by Alexis St. John for Build A Dream (2014)

I used fairly straight-forward techniques for the build with minimal use of the box contents. Mostly, I just cut with a utility knife and glued and painted as needed. Noted exceptions are the plaster floor and the chair. For the floor, I layered the plaster wrap in cross-hatch style strips on a sheet of plastic wrap to avoid sticking. When it was dried, I peeled it off the plastic wrap and painted it.

For the chair and stool, I used the foam ear and wire to create an armature, then applied layers of the plaster wrap. I made blankets out of plaster wrap by wetting and wringing out a lot of the plaster so it was more cloth-like when dried.

Mystery Build box: the main structure, chair rails, picture frames, table top, stringed instrument parts, door frame, and book shelf.
Plaster wrap: the stone floor, chair and stool, blankets.
Canvas: rug, paintings.
Wood dowels: chair and stool legs, bookshelf support, books, doorknob, radio antenna, clock hands, feather quill.
Paper: book jackets, sheet music, sconce, desk documents, radio, feather quill, clock face, chinese scroll mount, door hinges.
Clay: Meehoo, Tiktik the cat, Rabbit Statue.
Foam dowel: radio, Rabbit Statue, inkwell, clock base.
Wood discs: stool base, stringed instrument.
Wire: music stand, instrument stand, chair substrate.
Foam ear: chair and stool substrate.
Plaster wrap bag: sconce.
String: strings on instrument.

I like to write stories. One of my characters is named Meehoo; a little boy who likes to dream. I thought it might be fun to create a 3D version of one of his dreams. As the project grew, I was further inspired to create some new friends for him.

I used a simple stop motion app to record my progress as well as to create a final video. It was great fun to get a chance to play with the set after it was finished!