Meet Rexy

   by Phoebe Thibault-Sherrard for Build A Dream (2014)

My "Technique" was basically "try and see what happens"... since I hadn't worked with most of the materials before. ... I watched all of the tip videos and then did the best I could, basically learning as I went.

I Used almost everything in the box.... I used: the wire mesh, the wire, some of the wood dowels, The metal dowel, the foam dowel.... the round wood pieces, the clay, the sponge, the packing peanuts, the plaster cloth, bits of the paper. The mannequin, and some of the canvas with the string....

Materials that were NOT in the Box I Used were: water, acrylic paint, a bit of gloss medium, Sharpie markers, and Glue. - and some tools. (nothing that leaves anything behind).

I met Rexy in a dream.. it seemed so real... Rexy was in a Museum/Zoo type of place... and he was shy... and friendly.
So I built the Critter, from the dream I had. (the mannequin is mostly to help show the size, in the dream he was about that scale).

I learned a lot while working on this... I see many many things I could have done much better, had I not run out of time, and if I had made Rexy smaller, I wouldn't have run out of materials.
This is my first sculpture of this kind.

This is my first mystery build and it was really fun, and your website is awesome, and you are very helpful, and I think this contest is awesome! Thank you!! =)