Mermaid on a Pole

   by Jodie Carder for Build A Dream (2014)

I started with the mermaid; then the base; then the rocks, plants, critters, and fishes.
I used all or parts of the cardboard box, wire mesh, peanuts, wire, string, clay, plaster cloth, model wooden base, metal rod, sponge, one wooden circle, larger square dowel, masonite panel, canvas cloth, plaster flakes from plaster cloth, and card stock. I used the following tools: Xacto knife, baby anvil, miniature hammer, miniature hand saw, quilling tool, mini wire cutters, hand drill and bits, papercutter, mini hacksaw, tools for clay work, pliers, various paintbrushes, oil paints, acrylic paints, acrylic spray, acrylic matte medium, pastels, mini tweezers, mini clamps, glue, and grey gesso. I painted, sculpted, cut, glued, and quilled the materials.

Did you ever wonder what sea critters do for entertainment? Do they do things as a family? Are there really mermaids in the deep blue sea?
I wanted to create a vision of what an underwater camera would see if those things were possible.