Middle Space

   by Ashley Sacco for Build A Dream (2014)

I plastered half of the box and painted with ink and liquid acrylics. The wooden form was crushed to the exposed coil wire in some areas to create a harder contour to contrast with the more 3 dimensional form that the wood form came in. I then took some wire from the kit and wrapped it around the shoulders and strung cut Styrofoam on to it. It became a symbol of the many colors our dreams create and the colors themselves will always be somewhere in our subconscious waiting to be let go. The golden dress was made of the plaster and garnished with some wood shavings from the wooden sticks. The body was painted silver because I had a silver pen and it looked cool. Then I plastered the egg shell and also painted it with ink and liquid acrylics and placed one half of it on the wood forms head.That formed to be a symbol of our dream world. It is connected to two panels of the box that the wooden guy came in by painted string. I chose to place the illustrations of the wooden form to the outside because we have so many parts of ourselves that influence our dreams. And on the inside, facing the form there are moods to each panel within them. On the base of the wooden form I chose to paint it black and connected the mesh (also painted black) to both panels behind the wooden form and then in front of the form is mesh material leading to steps into an unknown dream. To the right lies the other half of the egg and it symbolizes the dream itself and the journey the form is taking at that moment. Golden glitter glue was used to create a biota within the dream.

My vivid ass dreams. I have always had intense dreams.