Miller's Place

   by Christina Miller for Build A Dream (2014)

I created the base from the top of the Mystery Build box that the materials came in. I created the studio and back wall of my house with the bottom cardboard of the box. I also used the bottom of the box for the structure of the lattice fencing, tables, chairs, easels, and grasses. I drew my plan onto the base and added clay to create my stone patio, grass, stone walkways, and plants. I painted the clay and covered it with a layer of wood glue to stabilize it. I used an exacto knife to trim down the wooden dowels into smaller pieces that were used for the flower bed and arbor structures. Everything was glued together with wood glue. The cornstarch packing peanuts were used to bulk up the plants bases as well as create the vines and plants on the arbors and fences. I also covered the wire trees that I created with the aluminum wire. I covered some of the dried cornstarch with clay that was then formed and painted with acrylic paint. The springs of the mannequin were hung as lights from the porch. I created Hunter S. Thompson with the aluminum wire, covered and formed him out of clay. I then painted him with acrylic paint and a final layer of glue to hold the details. Hunter's hammock was carved out of the Vincent ear. I added glue to help give a smoother appearance. I used a needle and threaded the string through the ends of the hammock and up on the lattice arbor. I also painted some of the Vincent ear with acrylic paint and used an exacto knife to create crumbs from the foam. These crumbs were then sprinkled on top of the bushes and vines I created to look like flowers. I used the piece of paper to print out some miniature pictures of my paintings. I then used Modge podge glue to transfer the ink of the prints onto the canvas board. Once dry I used water to remove the paper and let the ink show. I used a jigsaw to cut the canvas board into miniature canvases for the studio. I painted some of the paper and used a flower punch to punch out the shapes to create the sunflowers. I used the aluminum wire to make the stems of the sunflowers. I used some pieces of the mannequin cut in half as urns to hold flowers on the patio by the door. I used the plastic wrap that came on the canvas board for the glassť that is in the windows. I used the sea sponge for different bushes and flowers. The wire mesh was used to create the lattice of the fencing and arbors. I used scissors, exacto knife, clay modeling tools, needles, pliers, wire cutters, pencils, brushes, acrylic paints, markers, wood glue, modge podge, pens, architectural ruler, and my hands.

I choose the theme for my project, because I really do have this dream. I have been working on my house and yard for the last 3 years and hope to for many years to come, so that this dream will one day be a reality. I currently have a studio beneath a loft bed in my master bedroom. I hit my head on beams often, and I am a short person. I want my own studio space, but most of all I want what this means for my family; my success as an artist and prominent figure in a generation of change.
Many of my areas on the plan have been mapped out and begun. Just about everything has been built with recycled and found materials like most of my artworks.

I also host a monthly dinner for people to come and eat and discuss. I love to meet new people and hear their stories.

I apologize for the video quality. Oh, and I added Hunter S. Thompson to my project, because I was given the username GonzoDesoto. I thought I would pay tribute to him because of this. It would have been great to have him come to one of my dinners. This was an awesome project. Thanks for the experience.