Miss Piggy's Dream

   by Karen Webb for Build A Dream (2014)

I used the tempered hardboard for the floor. For the backdrop I used the cardboard from the Mystery Build box. I painted the backdrop with acrylic paint to look like a jungle. I also used the modeling clay to give a three dimensional look to the tree on the far left. I built the couch from the box cardboard and the legs were made from the round wooden dowel. To make the braided edges of the couch I made a string with strips of the packing peanuts, which I covered in paper and cellophane wrap, and then used the thread to create a criss-cross pattern. After painting the couch, I highlighted the edges with gold paint. Miss Piggy was made by covering the wooden mannequin with the modeling clay. Her dress is made from the plaster cloth wrap, and the heels of her shoes were made from the square dowel rod. Kermit was made from the modeling clay over a wire form. His collar and his native skirtĚ (similar to the one in the Rousseau painting) were made from the canvas of the canvas board. The banjo was made from part of the Styrofoam rod, cardboard, and the strings were made with the thread. The log he is sitting on was made from covering the wooden dowels with clay. I made Animals body out of wire covered with the plaster cloth. Fozzi Bear's body was made from the wire mesh, covered with plaster cloth. Their heads were formed with the modeling clay. I got the fuzzy look for Fozzi Bear by gluing on pieces of thread that I raveled and cut from the canvas cloth. I used the same to create the wild hair of Animal. The largest tree was constructed with the aluminum rod, wire, and then covered with plaster wrap. The leaves were made by painting paper and cutting it out. The palm trees were made by covering the wooden dowels with plaster wrap and the tops were made from packing peanuts, which were spray painted. The flowers were constructed with the packing peanuts and wire. The two snake plants near the front were constructed with the foam from the Van Gogh ear. All other plants and leaves were made with the paper from the instruction booklet. The floor of the jungle was made by soaking the sea sponge in green paint, then cutting into little pieces. I made the frame out of layers of the box cardboard. I wanted to get an antique plaster frame look, so I made flower shapes out of the wire and glued them on to the frame, then covered it with the plaster cloth.

My inspiration was Henri Rousseau's painting "The Dream". Because I am a huge Jim Henson and Muppets fan, I decided to incorporate a few Muppets characters to build "Miss Piggy's Dream".

I had an amazing time building this dream! I work on it for about a month, and sometimes found myself working into the wee hours of the morning. Even if I am not selected as one of the winners, the hours and hours of enjoyment I received creating this project was so worth it! Can't wait to do this again next year.