Modern Day Mer-Chick

   by Mark Davern for Build A Dream (2014)

The initial base of the ship was created by using relief cuts in the wooden sticks to bend them, then I created small "nails" with the wire to attach the wood to the masonite panel. I then used the box cardboard and plaster cloth to flesh out the ship. The dowels became the mast and the mannequin base became the crows nest. The artist canvas board was cut and bent to create the thickness of the large screen TV. The pink coral was made by gluing the packing peanuts together and based painted with an enamel paint and colored with acrylic paint. The wooden mannequin became the mermaid by adding clay and paint, and Vincent's ear became the mermaid embryo/egg. All the grass was made by slicing the manniquin box as well as the treasure chest. The cannon, bell and nurse shark are made of clay. The nurse shark's fins are made of cardboard. The jellyfish are clear plastic from kit wrapped around a bit of clay. Anchor is made of twisted aluminum wire (I used a couple pieces of wire and a drill to twist) and then strategically flattened with a hammer. The seafans and fishing net caught on TV are made with the metal mesh. The TV screen was handpainted in acrylic and the text message screenshot was printed onto the sheet of paper included in kit. The display box was the lid of the kit box, faux painted to look like wood and had "brass" cardboard corners added. The sails are the canvas from kit that I used a sander to distress. The blue "wave" at base of project is the cellophane outer wrapping of kit box painted a candy blue with white crests to simulate wave tops. The treasure and sword in the chest were scraps and misc. cardboard pieces painted gold.

The contents of the kit suggested sunken ship potential and the mannequin then turned into a mermaid. Gazing at the ear, reminded me of pictures of human embryos, which led me to the idea that she could be having a baby the fish way. The "nurse" shark is there to watch over the baby. One idea led to another odd idea, just like most of my dreams.

Music in the video, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot.