Mr. Sandman

   by Katie Fowler for Build A Dream (2014)

The plaster to cast a glass head I had on hand and a doll's face. Sanded and used gesso to seal the plaster. Then painted with craft acrylic paints and then sealed that with spray on gloss acrylic sealer.
The box bottom for the base and painted it with acrylic paint and used some stamps to decorate. Cut grooves to sit the head into.
Three of the basswood dowels to create the ladder. Cut one dowel for the rungs. Glued the ladder pieces together and painted with craft acrylic paints.
Two of the wooden disks for the cart wheels. Painted with acrylic paint. Cut holes in the disks with dremel tool.
The wire for the cart axle.
The box the wooden man came in to create the cart. First, gesso the box and then painted with acrylic craft paints.
One of the wooden dowels to make the handles on the cart. Cut in half and painted and glued to the bottom of the cart.
The end off the round wooden dowel to make the prop for the cart.
The sponge for the "sand" painted with acrylic paint.
The sheet of card stock, painted with acrylics and words written with tech. pen.
Glued the plaster face I cast from the doll and glued it to the wooden man. Drew pinstripes on the canvas cloth and cut into a nightgown and nightcap. Sewed the gown at the bottom and glued the gown and cap on the man. Painted the man's face with acrylic paint.

Thinking about what dreams mean to me. That often as daily life goes on we all spend time in the shadow of every day things, but that inside of us are the desire to form a better world and that the dreams that come to you can be utilized to pull us out of the shadows.

This project was difficult. I am not at all familiar with most of the materials in the box. I did enjoy the project.