My Dream House

   by Betsy Bleed for Build A Dream (2014)

Much of the house's structure, including the walls, roof, porch, shingles, and door, was constructed with the cardboard of the Mystery Build box, connected using a hot glue gun. The styrofoam rod was used to make columns as part of the structure. The tree growing from the house's side is made of an armature of the aluminum wire, and a shape made of packing peanuts, stuck together with water. Smaller details required fewer materials, but I still managed to use the dismembered pieces of the mannequin to create some pillars on the front porch; the canvas, once painted, to add small flower shapes; and the sponge, painted green and torn, as leafy branches and mossy clumps on and around the tree. I also used a Sharpie pen to draw details on the cardboard pieces that form the roof shingles and the porch beams, and used acrylic paint to color the structure as a whole.

While considering the theme, I thought of the personal dreams we as humans have for our own lives. Many of us dream of a happy life, perhaps getting married or perhaps settling down…Of course! If you wanna settle down, my guess is that you have a dream house in your mind. A dream house is something unique to each person, with special elements that make it home to that individual. And so I allowed my own imagination to what my someday dream house could look like.