My Dream Is Shaped Like Matisse's Figures: Bright, Joyous, Vital

   by Margaret Knowles for Build A Dream (2014)

The figures were made from various combinations of wire, plastalina (warmed and room temp). noodles and plaster tape. The Icarus figure was cut from the canvas board (without the canvas). The bed and table were cut from the mannequin box and covered with plaster tape and a thin coat o light modeling paste. The mannequin was covered in warmed plastalina and plaster tape. One leg was removed. The vase was shaped with plaster tape bits around plastic wrap. More plastic wrap was painted and used for the tail of the bird figure. The small birds and bird figure were plastalina around wire. The nasturtiums and vines were made from wire and cut canvas (removed from board). The museum walls were pieced together from the Mystery Build box and plaster tape. The piece of paper was put through the copier to make Matisse posters and labels. The white figure and stars were raised from the surface with glue laminated layers of the canvas board. The stars and fronds were cut from painted rule book. The birds and bird figure were sewed to the museum walls using the white thread. I set the challenge of only using supplies I had around the house: sand paper, acrylic paint, light modeling paste, pliers, computer and copier, white glue, household cement, glue gun, tacky glue, needle, scissors.

I found a journal entry of mine from 2008: "My dream is shaped very much like Henri Matisse's wonderful figures: bright, joyous, vital. They don't necessarily have perfectly formed features but exude grace and "joie de vivre." This self dream emerged now that I have survived palliative stage cancer. I am alive, but due to the complications, I have lost my career and energy for favourite pursuits. I need a new dream and the Matisse figures are a symbol of living with energy, colour, passion, joy and balance despite my disabilities."