My Hybrid Dream

   by Andrea Perkins and My son Colin Perkins created this for Build A Dream (2014)

I took the ball of clay and used my fingers and a plastic knife to round off edges. I took smaller pieces of clay left to make the mouth. I took a smaller chunk of clay to make ears taking off extra clay. I used my fingers and plastic silverware to make delicate features in each face. After looking through the features I touched up some misshapen details. After looking through my touchups, I took the correct paint colors and applied. After painting, I looked at some unfinished places and touched them up. I examined the features one last time.

Watching one of my favorite shows, Face Off, I chose an animal, a jaguar, and my love of skulls and cross bones, I created a dream animal by mixing these two ideas together.

I put a lot of dedication into this project and that the judges will enjoy my dream project coming to life!
Colin Perkins-age 11