My Life is a Dream

   by Susan Burton for Build A Dream (2014)

The tempered hardboard was used as the top of the bed to screw down the flamingo that has a springing head that moves when touched. Canvas cloth for the swan's wings which was glued over the wire mesh. The wire mesh was also used to make the wings of the dragon fly, bee and butterfly. A spring screwed to the bedpost holds the dragonfly in place and it springs up and down when touched. The aluminum wire was used to anchor the peacock to the bedpost. Nylon thread used for the male doll to make his arms and legs dangle. Modeling clay was used to cover the wood pieces shaping the peacock, pig , rooster and swan as well as the flowers on the back of the swan. The wood pieces came from the mannequin that was disassembled. Plaster cloth wrap formed the swan's body and was used to make the bedspread and bed ruffle. All four of the dowel rods were used to make the bedposts. I wet the packing peanuts, mashed them around and used them to make rocks on the shore and framed the top of the bedspread. Small metal rod from the mannequin was used to make the interactive windmill that turns when you spin the rod. Card stock was used to make the peacock feathers on the windmill. The box the kit came in made the bed structure. I painted it with acrylic paints and used Elmer's glue to hold it all together.

This is exactly what my life looks like. I live in a dream. I live on a farm and I raise flowers and have many poultry and waterfowl as pets. My world is happy and so am I because my dreams come true. I wouldn't have it any other way : )

Thanks for providing the great fun I have when I open the mystery box and participate in your contest. I put this all together in the last 3 days. I shouldn't procrastinate!